Section 8 Frequently Asked Questions

When am I going to receive a check for rent and/or my utilities?
The Mobile County Housing Authority submits HAP/UAP payments twice a month--on the 1st and 15th of each month. Weekends and/or holidays will affect the time of each submission. Payments are remitted only after units pass inspection, at least once annually, and the participating family completes all required documentation relating to annual reexaminations and or interim certifications (i.e. changes in income, family composition, etc).

Can I pay the difference in what the landlord is asking for rent and the amount approved by the Mobile County Housing Authority?
No, families are only required to pay the amount specified by the Mobile County Housing Authority. This amount reflects what the family can afford, based on income and family composition reported to Section 8.

How can I add someone to my lease/household?
A request to add someone to the household of a current program participant MUST be placed in writing and submitted to your assigned Section 8 caseworker. The request must detail where the person lived before (unless a newborn child, or new spouse), why it's necessary to add that person to your household, and what income that person(s) may have. In some cases, legal adoption/ legal-permanent custody documents are required. Marriage licenses, birth certificates, and social security cards are required if newly married or for newborn children.

How much rent can I get for my unit?
The maximum amount of rent payable is determined only after two points of negotiation are completed 1) HUD required rent-reasonableness test (which takes into consideration factors such as type, size, age, location, amenities, and 2) the family's income and size. At initial leasing of a unit, participating families are not allowed to pay more than 40% of monthly adjusted income for rent and utilities.

How do I determine which family will move into my unit?
It is the owners responsibility to screen a family for suitability. The Mobile County Housing Authority has no liability in this area. Owners/landlords are permitted to screen based on a family's tenancy history (contact prior landlords), and a family's background regarding factors such as drug-related criminal activity, etc. Screening procedures used for Section 8 families should not differ from those used for open market families.

How much can I collect for a security deposit?
Landlords may request an amount procedurally asked of open market families (usually one month's rent).

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